The Terrible T.O.A.D. Takeover!

The T.O.A.D Test (Challenge)

Are you a T.O.A.D.?  Take the test and find out!

It's simple,  you just go without Technology for 24 hours.  No Smart Phone, No I-pad, no email, no computer, no TV and no video games.  Pick a day preferably a weekend or day off and that day you don't touch any Technology!

Warning:  Be Prepared to have a lot of stuff to do because you will be amazed at how much time you have!

To make it interesting, if you don't make it then you donate $50 to a local charity and purchase a copy of The Terrible TOAD Takeover! to read and pass along.  Then challenge your friends and family to take the Test!  Call them out on social media.  Technology is not bad as long as we control it and it doesn't control us! 

Can you make it?  Are you up for the challenge?  Take the TOAD Test and find out!!