The Terrible T.O.A.D. Takeover!

Featured Author: Tim Terrio

Physical Therapy and Wellness Expert releases a new book to teach kids about the dangers of Technology Overload Attention Deficit. “Most kids today have no clue how much time they spend on technology” says Tim Terrio, author of ‘The Terrible TOAD Takeover!’  “All of their entertainment comes from a screen when they should be physically active, but they're not.” Studies continue to show increased rates of obesity and chronic diseases in children due to lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.  The percentage of physically fit kids continues to decrease while the rate of obesity continues to rise.  But, worst of all kids are missing out on everything around them because their sole focus is their phone. 
The first step to solving any problem is realizing that there is actually a problem.  ‘The Terrible TOAD Takeover!’ is the starting point of having an honest conversation about the time we waste on technology and our need for constant entertainment. 
As a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength Coach for over 20 years Terrio has assisted thousands of clients to recover function after injury or surgery and has earned a reputation for solving complex problems with innovative solutions.  With a personal philosophy of treating the entire person I have continued to develop programs which promote increased health and wellness.  One of the keys is mindfulness, which we are losing to technology.  Thus I felt compelled to raise the issue of Technology Overload Attention Deficit or TOAD for short.  Time is a terrible thing to waste!



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